Derivatives Brokerage Service

TFEX - Futures and Options Brokerage Service

TISCO Securities Co., Ltd., a TISCO affiliate, has a Derivative Department on wait to provide services on securities underwriter of derivative instruments such as SET50 Index Futures, SET50 Index Options, Single Stock Futures, Gold 10 Baht Futures, Gold 50 Baht Futures, Gold Online Futures, 5Years government Bond Futures, THBFIX 6 Month Futures and BIBOR 3 Month Futures

The Derivative Department has the aim to enable the investors to receive the best returns. There are workshop seminars on the derivative instruments for novices and in-depth techniques for experienced investors as well as the updated market analysis reviews, daily overviews, market movement trend and direction and impact from global factors everyday from abundantly experienced Gurus. In addition, the Derivative Department is a non Prop. Trade broker because emphasis is placed on the honesty, transparency and reliability.

If you would like to receive more information about this service, please contact our call center.

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