Brokerage Service

TISCO Securities provides brokerage services and investment advice supported by our marketing officers who are well trained and highly experienced in the Thai stock market. These highly experienced sales teams, backed by a well-established research department and a strong back office are in place to service all types of investors, including domestic institutions, retail investors, and foreign investors and institutions. TISCO Securities’ brokerage service was announced the best of the industry as we were recently awarded the " Best Brokerage Service" for retail clients by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Clients can choose to obtain private service or internet service with the following details:

TISCO Securities's sales team and dealers maintain the highest standards of confidentiality in regard to our clients and we strictly regulate security access to specific areas of the company only authorized persons during trading hours. After the trading period ends, all data relating to trades is kept safely in a security room. Furthermore, our security system protects against errors by reconciling data both before and after input while our working areas, such as Institutional Sales and Private Sales, can be accessed only by authorized staff with security key cards.

TISCO’s Securities Trading Account consists of 2 categories: namely; Cash Balance and Credit Line where clients desiring to open the account may fill in the documents at website: or contact TISCO Securities Co., Ltd.

If you would like to receive more information about this service, please contact our call center.

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