A list of companies that TISCO Group may disclose customer information

* TISCO Financial Group Companies

  • TISCO Financial Group Plc.
  • TISCO Securities
  • TISCO Asset Management
  • TISCO Bank Public Company Limited
  • TISCO Insurance Solutions Co., Ltd.
  • TISCO Information Technology Co., Ltd.
  • All-Ways Co., Ltd
  • Hi-Way Co., Ltd.

** Non-TISCO Financial Group Companies

  • AIA Co., Ltd.
  • AIA Co., Ltd.(Non-Life Insurance)
  • Allianz General Insurance Public Co., Ltd.
  • Ayudhaya Allianz CP Life Insurance
  • Bangkok Insurance Plc.
  • Chubb Life Assurance Plc.
  • Chubb Samaggi Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Cigna Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • FWD Fuji Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
  • Generali Life Assurance (Thailand)
  • Generali Assurance (Thailand)
  • MSIG Insurance (Thailand)
  • Prudential Life Assurance (Thailand)

Cancellation of Consent Disclosures Information

You can cancel your consent by contacting Call Center at Tel. 0 2080 6000 or 0 2633 6000

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