Global Trade

Increasing the opportunity in receiving the returns including risk distributions on investment port in main stock markets such as the United States, England, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, with TISCO Securities Co., Ltd., a TISCO affiliate, that provides services on foreign stock trading to increase options to clients desiring to crate the investment opportunity in leading world class companies. The markets opened for the trading are the US Stock Exchange (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX), London Stock Exchange (LS), Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKSE), Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX).

Clients can make transactions through skillful and experienced staff in the investment who are on wait to provide services and consultations. Moreover, we have the analysis review that fully cover all aspects of the substances which are prepared by our quality Research Team and are popularly widespread that it is the source of information which can be fully and expeditiously obtained.

Our clients desiring to engage in foreign stock trading are required to open Cash Balance account which, in this respect, the clients can trade the stocks according to the amount of money deposited in the Company’s account or else contact may be made directly to TISCO Global Trade.

If you would like to receive more information about this service, please contact our call center.

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