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TISCO Group opens opportunity to persons of diversified professions having potentials with the desires for the progress to participate in building the success, develop the organization for stable and sustainable growth.

Welfare and Benefits Looking after employees suchlike family members both on health, family and social aspects.

TISCO places the importance on looking after the employees no matter what it is on the aspect of personnel development to become professionals, return, welfare, as well as suitably working environment; treats all employees impartially, by prescribing general policy on human resources to comprehensively cover all companies in order to make their standards high and in the same level as well as to increase the efficiency on the management and work continuation. At the same time, TISCO has decentralized power in order to open the opportunity to each business work line to carry out human resource operations on their own as appropriate in order to enable them to compete under the environmental condition of business of each company.

Paying Attention in Looking After the Health

Paying Attention in Looking After the Health

  • Employees are given the rights for medical treatments by leading hospitals both as in-patient and out-patient
  • The rights for medical treatment costs from life insurance and group accident insurance
  • Entitle to exercise the rights for medical treatment costs from Social Security Insurance Card
  • The rights for refunding the cost of eyesight lenses and lasic
Promoting Self-Development

Promoting Self-Development

  • The organization internal training courses which are continuously organized
  • The external training courses where the subject that corresponds precisely to the line of work can be selected
  • Self-learning course from TISCO learning media which are regularly available
  • Educational assistance fund
Other Special Welfares

Other Special Welfares

  • Retirement Mutual Fund
  • Expense supports for specific field of subject
  • Loan Welfare
  • Overtime Pay and Bonus
  • Privilege/Special Price Service for TISCO Employees

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