Marketplace: Sustainability-Focused Product Development

TISCO Group commits to developing financial products and services that match customer needs and lifestyle. We are a financial advisor with a long track record of helping customers achieve financial security and plan for their retired life. In addition, we strive to create financial products that are socially and environmentally responsible through the following process: 

1. Promote business operations under the principles of "Sustainable Banking"

TISCO Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Sustainable Banking Guidelines – Responsible Lending with 15 commercial banks.

2. Develop online service channels to facilitate access anywhere, anytime.

Application for Hire-purchase Loans (My Car My TISCO)

  • This application increases customer convenience in accessing remaining installments, insurance information, vehicle-tax records, and payment records. The information can be retrieved anytime, anywhere.
  • Check outstanding balance, account details, and due date
  • Make payments via Mobile Banking, Counter Service, and other online channels by using QR code/Barcode without presenting any credit card or bill payment
  • Remind customers of due date for next payment and keep them abreast of all new TISCO privileges with the notification alert option

Application for Investment (TISCO My Fund)

Enhances convenience for customers subscribing to TISCO e-Invest by allowing buying, selling, and transferring of investment units via the application. Customers can also check updates, monitor their investment portfolio and review their transactions anytime, anywhere.

3. Develop financial products with consideration for social and environmental impacts

Creating value for both the organization and society through innovations such as;

TISCO Mortgage Saver

TISCO Mortgage Saver helps customers become homeowners faster through low interest rates and high loan amounts. Customers can pay more than their installment amount and can withdraw excess payments to spend anytime they need via ATM 24 hours. Installment periods are up to 30 years (the borrower’s age combined with the loan period is not more than 70 years).

TISCO Global Digital Health Equity Fund

Investing in the technology and healthcare industries is a growing trend in today’s world of finance and investment. Those who invest in the Global Digital Health Equity Fund have the opportunity to benefit society as the fund will donate part of its sales proceeds to support medical research.

4. Prioritizing the security and protection of customer data and prevention of cybercrime

Healthy balance between control and power is achieved by elevating the supervision and management of information technology risks. Technical information on cybercrime is shared by experts domestically and internationally to increase TISCO’s capacity to prevent and effectively respond to cybercrime, boosting customer confidence in our services.

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