TISCO was the first investment bank in Thailand, established in 1969. The name "TISCO" derived from the full company name at first founded, "Thai Investment and Securities Company Limited".

TISCO has pioneered several financial services to serve the increasing needs of the Thai growing economy and earned its reputation in integrity and professionalism. In 2005, TISCO was the first finance company to upgrade its status to a commercial bank under the Bank of Thailand’s Financial Master Plan.

TISCO has been recognized as a pioneer and sustained its leading role in auto hire purchase, provident fund management, private banking, brokerage and investment banking for over four decades. With its long-year expertise in financial and investment fields, today TISCO Bank engages in banking services for retail, SME and corporate clients through its 52 branch network in strategic location nationwide. 

TISCO aims to provides a wealth of opportunity to its clients for the realization of their goals. With its believe that "The opportunity can be created", it is here to create opportunities to serve Thai community.


2008 - Present


  • Received "Best Employers in Thailand 2013" and "NACC Integrity Awards 2013"
  • Changed its logo, adding a new symbol "the Opportunity" icon over TISCO to reflect its commitment to create opportunities that bring sustainable values to customers, shareholders, people and community.


  • Launched micro-finance business under the name "Somwang"
  • Entered a joint venture between TISCO Securities and Deutsche Bank to establish "Deutsche TISCO Investment Advisory Company Limited" to offer equity research and advisory services in Thailand 2013
  • Received "Best Employers in Thailand 2013" and "NACC Integrity Awards 2013"


  • Launched "TISCO Wealth", comprehensive wealth management service for its private clients 
  • Esrablished Economic Strategy Unit to offer all aspects of financial researches and services to clients


  • Expanded its retail banking business by opening TISCO Leasing Co to offer hire-purchase business nationwide


  • Took over Primus Leasing Leasing Co, a car leasing company for Ford, Mazda, and Volvo. Primus Leasing had asset worth about seven billion baht
  • Took over a car leasing company from GMAC (Thailand) Co., car leasing company in General Motors Group. The deal was about 1,750 million baht
  • Hosted "4 Decades of Thai Contemporary Arts" and launched virtual art gallery on the occasion of TISCO's 40th anniversary
  • Received 4 business excellence awards


  • Successfully changed the shareholding structure into a Holding Company. TISCO Financial Group Plc holds shares in all its subsidiaries, Its core business consisted of TISCO Bank, TISCO Securities, and TISCO Asset Management
  • Entered a joint venture with Japanese partner to establish TISCO Tokyo Leasing Co.

1988 - 2007


  • Started offering commercial bank service under the name of TISCO Bank Plc since July 1
  • Received 3 business excellence awards


  • Become the first finance company to upgrade its status to a commercial bank under the Bank of Thailand's Financial Master Plan in October


  • Launched private fund business 
  • Received the first Corporate Governance award


  • Launched its online stock trading service "TISCOeTrade"
  • Was the first financial institution that was back on track with business profit, surviving among economic crisis that resulted in 76 banks and financial institutions' close-down


  • Moved its headquarter to an existing TISCO Tower on Sathorn rd.


  • Was a financial consultant of the first securitization process, deal in Asia
  • Received 'Investment Bank of The Year Award' for the first time from Asiamoney Magazine


  • Became a public company 


  • Founded TISCO Asset Management to engage in a complete line of asset management services
  • Signed a statement indicating its intention to preserve the environment, following a set of guidelines from the United Nations Environmental Program, together with financial institutions from 30 countries and initiated the reforestation activity


  • Publish "Wattajak Karn Ngern" (Money Cycle) to celebrate its 20th anniversary of business operation


  • Published the Royal Photo Book to commemorative on the occasion of H.M. King's 60th birthday anniversary and the longest reign (Golden Jubilee) of H.M. King's accession to the throne

1969 - 1987


  • Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand


  • Established TISCO Foundation for charity project


  • Hosted TISCO Contemporary Art Exhibition, to showcase 50 Thai artists art pieces


  • Launched Hi-Way Co., Ltd. To operate motorcycle leasing business


  • Started offering Sydicate Services for corporate


  • Found Thai Securities company to engage in all securities businesses, Later the name was changed to TISCO Securities
  • Was a founding member of the Stock Exchange of Thailand


  • Lunched Thailand's first car leasing service for retail clients


  • Lunched TISCO Price Index-the country's first price index for the stock market
  • Initiated TISCO Art Collection for contemporary art


  • Established as Thailand's first finance and securities company with Bankers Trust New York asmajoy shareholder
  • Started offering provident fund management service in Thailand


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