Group Structure

TISCO Group Structure

TISCO Financial Group Public Company Limited has been structured as a holding company and act as a parent company, formulated the business policies and governs all subsidiaries within “TISCO Group” as shown in the chart.

  • TISCO Bank Public Company Limited
  • TISCO Securities Company Limited
  • TISCO Asset Management Company Limited
  • Hi-Way Company Limited
  • TISCO Insurance Solution Company Limited
  • TISCO Information Technology Company Limited
  • TISCO Learning Center Company Limited
  • All-Ways Company Limited
  • TISCO Tokyo Leasing Company Limited*
  • HTC Leasing Company Limited*

*Not included in the consolidated statements in accordance with Thai Accounting Standard

TISCO focuses on creating value for all customer groups, by offering the best and most responsive products and services with a view to establishing long term relationship. With its customer-centric focus, TISCO constantly develops new products to meet a variety of lifestyle and serves the customers needs in each stage of life. Under the centralized operating procedure, TISCO has classified its business to serve three main client groups as follows;

Retail Banking Group

We provide lending facilities to retail clients and small entrepreneurs, focusing on hire purchase lending and consumer lending operated by TISCO Bank, Hi-Way Company Limited and TISCO Tokyo Leasing Company Limited. The loan portfolio mainly consists of hire purchase loan for new cars, used cars, and motorcycles, along with consumer finance developed to serve market demand. “TISCO Auto Cash” is a prominent example of such a product that stands out for its convenience, speed and no requirement for transfer of autolicense book. This product has been continuously expanded nationwide through geographical branches under the brand "Somwang".

Corporate Banking Group

We provide a wide range of lending facilities as well as financial advisory service to medium to large corporate clients such as project finance loans, term loans for large corporations, car inventory finance loans, financial and investment advisory service.

Wealth and Asset Management Group

We serves wealth and high net worth client, aiming to be the “Top Advisory House” by delivering integrated financial solutions for savings and investment under the brand "TISCO Wealth". TISCO offers a full shelf of financial products ranging from depository products, insurance, asset management to securities brokerage service. Through our team of experienced and dedicated professionals and efficient service operations, TISCO aims to deliver excellent services and long-term favorable returns to our clients. 

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