Policies and Guidelines

TISCO Group focuses on sustainable development by defining policies and practices under a framework that integrates responsible economic, social and environmental aspects into operational processes to create value for all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Policy

Corporate governance is core to TISCO's financial and investment business sustainability. The primary policy is to have standard practices in the entire Group which enhance trust and confidence among TISCO’s key partners, including shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, as well as society and the environment. TISCO business must be carried out in parallel with being a good citizen of society and providing the best care for those involved. Such efforts foster stable and sustainable growth and hence are the core driving force for TISCO. We aim to provide long-term benefits to all parties with fairness, transparency, reliability, and professionalism.


Anti-Corruption Policy

TISCO Group has committed to transparency throughout the course of offering financial services. In addition, we adhere to corporate governance and anti-corruption policies while nurturing integrity among our employees. Indeed, integrity is one of our corporate values and is identified as such in the employee’s manual of operation. Details of our anti-corruption policies are posted on the official website under the corporate governance section for the public to acknowledge.


Supplier Code of Conduct

TISCO Group is committed to conducting responsible business operations with integrity, transparency, fairness, and accountability, in accordance with the principles of good corporate governance. TISCO Group also takes into consideration the economic, social, and environmental impact on internal and external stakeholders. Fair and honest dealing with suppliers is conducted by respecting the conditions agreed upon by the parties and the guidelines in the supplier Code of Conduct for business operations. TISCO Group’s Code of Ethics complies with legal requirements as well as international standards and emphasizes conducting business with suppliers through transparency while taking into account human rights, fairness in labor, compliance with safety and occupational health and environment standards. Implementation of this code of conduct is strictly monitored.


Tax Policy

TISCO Group gives great importance to the observance of tax laws and regulations by defining tax policies in accordance with good corporate governance, and transparency. The Group realizes its duty and responsibility to all stakeholders in terms of ensuring the sustainability of society, environment, and the company. In fully cooperating with government officials, we provide complete, transparent information for tax audits and include tax communication within the organization for employees to understand and adhere to the correct terms and guidelines under the tax law.


Environmental Policy

TISCO Financial Group Public Company Limited and our subsidiaries focus on environmentally responsible business operations. Such operations integrate environmental impact management and involve activities that directly result in energy savings and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, the Group discloses information on environmental operations to stakeholders and raises awareness among employees of environmental conservation projects.


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