Community & Environment: Social Well-being

Promotion of Environmentally Friendly Processes

  1. Building awareness of environmental topics among employees along with building awareness of environmental conservation with business partners and surrounding communities. TISCO Group has banned foam food containers and has reduced plastic cup usage in all operational areas.

  2. TISCO Group, in collaboration with TPBI Public Company Limited, has expanded eco-friendly practices to Thai society at large by launching the “Won” project. Designed to campaign for waste separation and recycling, this project sets up boxes to accept donations of clean plastic bags and film that could be recycled. This project seeks to protect the environment by curbing plastic waste. In addition, the project donates five baht to environmental foundations for each kilogram of donated bags and plastic scraps.
  1. Promoted efficient and economical usage of natural resources as follows
    • The paper usage campaign integrated the paperless concept into its product/service development in response to the lifestyle of consumers in the digital era and expanded continually the service channels with the digital platform
    • Replaced the energy-saving office equipment
      • Use a Zero Client instead of a desktop computer, can reduce electricity consumption from 220 watts per unit to nine watts per unit.
      • Change energy-saving LED bulbs instead of the conventional bulbs usage
    • Installed motion sensor devices in bathrooms at the Head Office which cut power when no movement in the bathroom is detected for five minutes.

As a result of integrating environmental impact management into the operational process and supporting environmentally friendly activities that help save energy, TISCO Group reduced greenhouse-gas emissions from operations per person by 7.51 percent from the base year.

  1. Promoted environmental conservation among employees through a tree planting project has planted a total area of more than 1,000 rai since 1991. The project promotes the restoration of natural balance and helps to reduce the impact of global warming, a pressing issue today.

The reduce greenhouse gas emissions project

Pursuant to the continuously proceeding in regard to the environmental management through the various activities taking or project implementing of TISCO Group, in 2019, TISCO was recognized and received the Letter of Recognition of Low Emission Support Scheme: LESS program by Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization). The recognized campaigns were the Changing of lighting equipment program and TISCO Eco Society program: Reduce, Carry and Separate. Given the results of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions approximately 223.835 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent  to 23,561 big planting trees. The campaign implementations are aimed to raise awareness of environmental friendly consumption and integrated into the business undertakings as well as the adoption in employees' daily life and extend implementing to their families and surrounding communities. 

Promoting Social Well-being

TISCO Group’s CSR Activity Roadmap, features 3 main action categories that ensure our endeavors are well-organized and yield concrete results for sustainability. They are as follows:


1. Financial Literacy

TISCO Group believes in the importance of supporting financial literacy and expanding financial knowledge among society at large so that people can choose financial products and services that are productive for their daily life. Financial plans are designed to create stability and wealth and to improve quality of life for customers’ families with a spillover effect to the community. Financial literacy enhancement was once again designed and carried out by a working group consisting of volunteer staff with knowledge and expertise. The training program itself was based on a survey of financial skills of Thais conducted by the Bank of Thailand together with the National Statistics Office. Every year, our expert staffs take part in the program as speakers and facilitators.

Youth Programs: TISCO Financial Camp

The TISCO Financial Camp has been conducted annually since 2012 with consistent updates to activities and content. We aim for students to have fun while learning under the concept “Saving Before Spending, Creating Financial Discipline”. Senior high school students and vocational students from schools nationwide are eligible to attend the financial camp. The financial camp is held during the school holidays at the headquarters of TISCO Bank Public Company Limited on North Sathorn Road in Bangkok. 

TISCO Group also supports information dissemination to communities through post-financial camp activities. Participants are expected to apply the knowledge gained and relay the information to people within their circle, such as friends, parents, guardians and others in the same community, with counselors and teachers serving as models and co-leaders, over a period of four months. Participants are required to submit the results of their activities as part of a competition to show changes in attitude and behavior towards savings, spending and financial discipline as well as continuity and sustainability. Winning students are awarded financial rewards, plaques, and honor certificates. The purpose of the competition is to encourage and support students in transferring financial knowledge to society.

Community Program: Smart Saving, Smart Spending

Since 2014, TISCO Group has organized the “Smart Saving, Smart Spending” Program through our branches nationwide in order to expand financial literacy among communities across the country. The activities have been consistently developed, Both the imparting of knowledge and follow-up activities have been consistently updated, helping communities learn about saving before spending, maintaining household accounts and planning financial activity. The program also introduces debt management, financial threats, loan sharks, and interest computation to protect participants and their families against financial trouble in daily life. Household accounting books were distributed and smart financial booklets, written by the Bank of Thailand and published by TISCO Group, were handed out.

Motorcycle Loan Customer Program: Raising Aware of Financial Threats

In 2019, TISCO Group initiated a financial threat awareness program to underline the importance of remaining vigilant against financial fraud. This program followed complaints filed by the public with the Bank of Thailand which not only revealed a lack of understanding of various financial services but also showed that falling victim to fraud was becoming increasingly easier as fraudsters upped their game. TISCO Group produced leaflets on six topics: call center gangs, Ponzi schemes, social media thieves, credit card fraud, how to sign your ID copy in a safe and correct way, and other fraud prevention techniques. Staff introduced various forms of financial threats to “Somwang Ngern Sang Dai” motorcycle loan customers while they were waiting to be served. 


In addition, TISCO Group organized free activities to share financial knowledge with customers and the public at large through corporate seminars on important topics that reflect the present situation and benefit their financial planning.

2. Educational opportunities


TISCO grants scholarships on a yearly basis through TISCO Foundation. The scholarships have no binding conditions. TISCO grants both new and continuous scholarships for students, active until they finish their university studies. Teachers help select eligible students for the scholarship and obtain approval from their headmaster.

  • TISCO Foundation

School Development Fund

Given insufficient financial support from the government and the urgent need for renovations of school buildings to stay in line with safety standards, TISCO Group continues to allocate funding for construction of school buildings and repair of damaged buildings nationwide, in addition to school supplies and necessary equipment. These efforts encourage communities to send children to school. TISCO Group acts a main sponsor and collaborates with an alliance network and those who share our beliefs.

3. Other Social Development

Supporting the Cancer Immunity Research Fund

TISCO Group’s support of cancer research aims to improve the quality of treatment for cancer patients and facilitate easy-to-access medical services. Part of the proceeds from the front-end fees of healthcare funds, with Baht 100 from every Baht 100,000 invested, was given to the Cancer Immunity Research Fund, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University. Investment funds raised between February 14 and October 31, 2019 totaled Baht 1,543,290.

Nationwide Blood Donation Campaign

TISCO Group has organized this campaign since 1984. In 2019, TISCO held 12 blood donation events in Bangkok and branches in big cities nationwide and raised 3,759 units of blood or 1,523,200 cc, sufficient to help 11,277 patients.

Community Caring Activity

TISCO Bank’s branches across the nation organized six community care activities: repairing the children’s playground and restoring the landscape at Wat Hantra School, Ayutthaya Province and Ban Muang School, Khon Kaen Province;  garbage collection and separation at Nai Yang Beach, Phuket Province; mangrove conservation and marine animal breeding at the Mangrove Ecology Learning Center, Rayong Province and Bung Borapet, Nakhon Sawan Province; growing fruit and perennial trees in the Our Khung Bang Kachao Project, Samut Prakan Province; the annual “Krathin” ceremony at Amarawadee Temple, Samut Songkram Provinceand the Board of Directors “Krathin” ceremony at Kruad Temple, Surat Thani Province. In addition, we supported the purchase of medical equipment for Kanchanadit Hospital, Surat Thani Province, and the community hospital of Sangkhla Buri District, Kanchanaburi Province.

TISCO Group, along with our business allies, has also provided support to other social activities that benefit children and youth development, specifically the Dr. Sem Pringpuangkaew Foundation, Unicef Thailand, the performance art center Krukrit 80 Institute under the patronage of HRR Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and the Thailand Special Olympics team. Other efforts included the purchase of medical equipment through the Thai Red Cross for Somdej Phra Borom Rachathevi Na Sriracha Hospital as well as assistance for those suffering from flooding from the Pabuk storm in the South and the Podul depression in the northeast through the Thai Bankers Association.

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