Investment Banking

Investment Banking

TISCO Securities Co., Ltd. is a leader in investment banking service with a long-established reputation more than 46 years in providing the best service to both with corporate and government-related clients. With high caliber and highly experienced professionals, TISCO Securities Co., Ltd. is specialized in many essential industries such as energy & utilities, petrochemicals, telecommunications, transportation & logistics, health care, banking & financial institutions, media & entertainment, and manufacturing, together with a wealth of experience in equity and debt markets, both domestically and internationally.

TISCO Securities Co., Ltd. has been approved by the SEC to provide financial advisory services and granted an underwriting license from the Ministry of Finance. The full range of financial advisory and underwriting services are covering various types of instrument including equity, debt, and convertible instruments. Moreover, TISCO Securities Co., Ltd. also provides financial advisory service for merger & acquisition, privatization advisory and implementation, project financing, debt restructuring, feasibility study, project valuation, and general advisory, etc.

In 2016, TISCO’s investment banking was trusted by our customers to provide various financial advisory services including financial advisory service for merger and acquisition, company valuation, tender offer, and financial advisory and underwriting service for the Initial Public Offering (“IPO”). The highlighted transactions in 2016 included the financial advisory and tender offer preparer service for VGI Global Media Plc. on tender offer for shares of Master Ad Plc., with maximum total value of 2,071 million Baht. Moreover, investment banking team acted as financial advisor and lead underwriter for the initial public offering of TPBI Plc. and BT Wealth Industries Plc. with the issue size of 1,080 million Baht and 585 million Baht respectively.

Furthermore, investment banking team performed as joint-lead underwriter together with TISCO Bank Plc. as joint financial advisor for the initial public offering of BCPG Plc. with total issue size of 5,900 million Baht.

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