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TISCO realizes that success in business is not measured solely by profitability or performance growth, but also by good corporate citizenship, business ethics, involvement in community development and helping underprivileged people to be self-reliant and independent. We recognize that building a society with a solid foundation is a critical factor for sustainable development, and therefore conduct our business responsibly.


TISCO has implimented a new Corporate Social Responsibility Roadmap  to determine the action plan to achieve sustainable development. The plan consists of 3 major activity areas as follow:

1. Educational Support: TISCO has continuously been giving educational support to needy students nationwide since education is a tool to elevate people’s quality of life. TISCO has been granting scholarships to needy students, providing fund to enhancement teacher’s teaching skill as well as supporting teaching tools and construction of school building to underprivileged schools nationwide.

2. Social Financial Literacy: As a financial institute, TISCO Group dedicateswishes to use its financial expertise to reduce the personal finance and financial illiteracy in the society. A research from Bank of Thailand (BOT) showed that financial knowledge among Thai people is still under average especially about personal finance knowledge. Therefore, TISCO Group aims to fill this gap by developing its own financial literacy programs for Thai youths and community.

3. Environment, Social and Governance Support – ESG: TISCO  promotes ESG activities in order to create “Volunteer Spirits” among employees i.e., environmental activities, cultural activities, social activities and especially anti-corruption activities.  TISCO Group’s CSR projects have been driven by the “Volunteer Sprits” of the employee with supervisionrecommendations given by the company’s board of directors. TISCO Group also regularly joins thelocal community activities together with its network and alliances and supports CSR activities by TISCO Bank branches nationwide to create sustainable development.

All the social activities of TISCO are driven by volunteer spirit of the staff offering them to learn how to give and share with others. As a corporate culture, it is passed on from generation to generation under the guidance of the senior management. The activities are supervised by the Board of Directors and reported at the board’s meeting on a regular basis to ensure that the activities meet with Company policy.



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