Background of TISCO

TISCO was established in 1969 as the first investment bank in Thailand. The name TISCO derived from the full company name at first founded, Thai Investment and Securities Company Limited.

TISCO has developed several financial services to serve the increasing needs of the Thai growing economy and has become one of the leading financial institutions of the country. In 2005, TISCO was the first finance company to upgrade its status to a commercial bank under the Bank of Thailands Financial Master Plan. TISCO Bank Public Company Limited engages in banking business with service areas including retail and SME lending, corporate lending, retail deposit, private banking, bancassurance, cash management and custodian services.

TISCO Bank head office located at TISCO Tower, North Sathorn Road. It currently has 41 branches in the metropolitan and strategic provinces nationwide. The bank will increase its service channels as well as develop new financial products to serve and respond to more clients needs in the future.

In parallel with business operation, TISCO has continuously taken social responsibilities projects in 3 main areas. In art and culture by supporting Thai contemporary art, in education by giving scholarships to needy students around the country through the operation of TISCO Foundation for Charity, and in environment conservation by its annual reforestation projects.