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Anti-Corruption Policy

TISCO has recognized and maintained strong culture of ethical practices and integrity as organizational strength at TISCO. TISCO has joined the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) and get certified as allies of CAC. TISCO has expressed the explicit intent on fighting corruption through the implementation of Anti-Corruption Policy & Guideline and Code of Conduct which enforceable for directors, executives and staff. The objective of policy & guideline establishment is to guide the group of companies to practice with honesty, efficiency and effectiveness to prevent, avoid or minimize for possibly being vehicle of corruption. Additionally, the determination regarding the practice with counterparty or business partners, whistle blowing channel, the disclosure of information to public relating to the intent of company in combating with corruption, the report to the executives and the examination on the implementation of anti-corruption program were also included therein the Anti-Corruption Guideline. The key essences of the Anti-Corruption Policy and Guideline are regularly communicated through the dedicated channels to all staff to create awareness against corruption and determined measures for fighting corruption. The effectiveness of the implementation of anti-corruption program as well as the relevant policy and guideline shall be revised on a regular basis.

Download Anti-Corruption Policy


Channel for reporting irregular activities or queries related to corruption

With a strong intent of sustainability development on the anti-corruption program, the reporting channels either for reporting irregularities noticed or make queries in regard to anti-corruption are promoted. No employee will suffer demotion, penalty or other adverse consequences for refusing to pay bribes or reporting suspicious circumstances even if such refusal or report may result in the company losing business. Any actions, which violate or appear to violate the Anti-Corruption Policy and Guideline, will be processed according to disciplinary guidelines of TISCO Group.

  • Reporting channel for irregular activities
    Complaints or reports could be filed by sending the letter to Secretary of Audit Committee or Compliance Function at 48/49 TISCO Tower, North Sathorn Road, Silom sub-district, Bangrak district, Bangkok 10500
  • Make queries on anti-corruption program
    Any stakeholders could place the queries in regard to anti-corruption program through the Governance Office via email address “TISCO_CS@tisco.co.th”

Anti-Corruption Activities

Addition to the implementation of effective mechanism to prevent corruption in the organization with a plan to extend the anti-corruption practices to our business partners, TISCO also regularly participates in promoting Anti-Corruption activities arranged by Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand with other organizations normally led by government agencies


Employees of TISCO Group recently joined the Anti-Corruption 2015 activity “Active Citizen Against Corruption” held by the Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) to raise public awareness on the consequences of corruption as well as encourage the public's role and power to eliminate all corruption. TISCO has become one of the organizations stand for good corporate governance and anti-corruption practice, and join this annual activity for 5 consecutive years.


Certificate of Membership by CAC Council

TISCO Group received the certificate of membership by Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption. TISCO Group has met the commitments to the CAC declaration on anti-corruption by putting in place good business principles and control against bribery and now a full member of CAC


Anti-corruption VDO

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